home-pictureSee-Fit Body Stockings was created for all those women out there who, like me, long to wear gorgeous two-piece dance costumes with confidence without having to worry about exposing all the flabby, wobbly bits, stretch marks and all the other battle scars that life brings to real women.

As a sixty something Mum of 3 adult children and 6 grand children, the stocking (which I have been developing and wearing for several years) allows me to relax, feel good about myself and to dance freely. Knowing how good the stocking made me feel, I wanted to share it with other women and so in 2006 See-Fit Body Stockings came to life in Adelaide, South Australia.

It is important to me that all my customers receive a personalized service wherever they live and although I cannot meet you all in person I will do my very best to achieve as good a result as possible.

No two women are exactly the same size or shape so my stockings can be changed to suit them. For example women with long bodies may need a garment with more length, or a halter neck style may be required. Most alterations to the basic stocking design can be done without extra cost.

My dance body stockings are available in many different designs with new ones being developed all the time. To help choose the best colour for you I offer free sample cards of the fabrics I use. If the colour you want is not there I will try to find it for you.

Please feel free to ask me questions about the stockings - the more information I have the better your body stocking will fit and the happier your experience with See-Fit Body Stockings will be.