Fabric for Body Stockings and Dance Costumes

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The type of fabric I use for the bodystocking to go with your dance costume will make a lot of difference to how it fits. Some are really soft and stretchy and don’t give any belly or tummy support at all. Other fabrics are almost like a power mesh and give really good support around the belly area. Also if you are buying a unitard style of stocking with long sleeves and legs you will get a lovely smooth look all over the body with some gentle control. The most important thing is that you can still move freely with confidence.

Composition: 75% Nylon, 25% Lycra
The Crystal Lycra is a high quality sheer fabric with a crystallized finish. Comes in Skintone, Black and White.
It has great stretch with good shape retention which means it will bounce back and continue to give support
time after time.
The sheen finish is reflective and can give a camouflage effect so may reduce the appearance of some skin
blemishes like stretch marks. It is my favourite fabric for this reason as it does cover my stretch marks quite

This is me wearing an under bust Skintone Crystal Lycra with Cotton Lycra Brief. I have changed the straps to
a halter neck to suit my belly dance outfit.

Composition: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex.
Colours: Flesh, Black, White, Navy, Teal, Purple, Pink.
This is my second favourite fabric. Once again the Stretch Mesh is a high quality fabric with good two way
stretch. It is light weight but still has some gentle control properties. It’s like a light weight power mesh,
but a lot more attractive to look at. The black fishnet bodystocking is one of the most popular, while the Flesh colour is the most natural looking on the body.
Pictured above is an under bust stocking in flesh Mesh with a Cotton lycra Brief.

Colours: Dark Skintone, Skintone
This fabric is different from the Stretch Mesh range above. It’s very soft and extremely stretchy. There is not much
control with these and they don’t look as natural on the skin. They are good if you want more of a coverup
effect for your dance costume.
All Dark Skintone Mesh under bust front
This stocking is made entirely in the Dark Skintone Mesh.

Colours: Flesh with gold Glitter, Black with Silver Glitter and Black with Gold/Lime Glitter
If you are wanting to add some sparkle to your dance costumes this is the fabric for you. Looks fabulous under lights. It can change a plain belly dancer costume into something quite spectacular.
Black Gold/Lime Glitter under bust with Black Cotton Lycra Brief

Colours: Pink, Purple and Orange, White, Black
The cosmic range has been discontinued but I still have a small amount of the above colours. It is an excellent
quality mesh with good 2 way stretch and the little sequin adds a nice bright effect. Will add a touch of bling to any dance clothes.
white cosmic under bust cotton lycra brief
White Cosmic Mesh under bust with Cotton Lycra Brief – I have one left in Medium

Colours: Black, White, Teal, Red with Red Sequins, White with Silver Sequins and Black with Silver Sequins
The black and white lace is called Spring Bouquet and is a high quality fabric. Lovely to wear and favoured by the tribal girls for their dance costumes. The Teal lace is called Floral Belle and is a lighter more open lace. I describe it as being gossamer fine. Lovely quality once again and a pretty colour. Also called Floral Belle the Red Lace is covered with tiny red sequins which reflect the light. The white lace and black lace also have little sequins which are like little mirrors on the fabric.
black lace over bust with brief
The all black Lace pictured is in the over bust style. A normal everyday bra can be worn underneath. This style is really good with crop top or bolero tops.

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