What to Wear for My End of Year Concert

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It’s that time of year again! The end of year belly dance concerts and performances are coming up fast. What will I wear? What colour belly dance costume and will I have a 2 piece costume or maybe a dress? I remember spending months putting costumes together, surrounded by sequins and beads, sewing every spare minute. Although I don’t get to many haflas these days I still have those belly dance outfits I spent so much time on. Just can’t bear to part with them after all the work I put into them, although I probably wouldn’t fit into them anymore.

The next thing is to choose the perfect body stocking to wear underneath. My favourite fabric is the Crystal Lycra in Flesh. The Crystal Lycra is such good quality and will keep its shape for a very long time. I know dancers who have had the same stocking for 5 years and it is still looking good! The slight sheen on the fabric has the most amazing camouflage properties. Magically imperfections like scars and stretch marks (which I have plenty of) vanish leaving a flawless appearance. And even better my waist appears beautifully shaped and smooth.

I always wear a stocking with a snap fastening gusset. There is nothing worse than having that last minute dash to the bathroom and needing to take off just about every item of clothing! There is your hip scarf, big heavy skirt, then probably your belly dance bra so you can then get the body stocking off and finally you can go! Then you have to get dressed again and hope everything has gone back together properly. And let’s face it girls some of the bathrooms we have to use are not really the best place to get our costumes on and off! The snap fastening gusset makes it so much easier. The fasteners are strong, easy to operate and positioned conveniently so as not to be uncomfortable.

All of my body suits are available with the snap fastening gusset. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you can’t find this option when buying your dance stocking.

Finally we are ready for the big day! We all look absolutely gorgeous, the excitement and nervousness builds, the music begins and on we go! Fabulous! All the work was worth it and we can’t wait to do it again!

Just recently I made up some leotards for Jrisi of Hathor Dance Studio in Sydney. Jrisi sent me an image of what she was after and using this I came up with the design. The leotards are made out of Black Cotton Lycra with a Black Lace bodice and Sleeves. I was thrilled with how they turned out and I know the ladies found them super comfortable to wear.

Unlike my usual bodystockings this one is not see through so is a lot more versatile. Looks gorgeous worn with a long skirt and hip scarf or even as a T Shirt with jeans for day wear. As the fabric is 93% cotton and only 7% elastane it is super soft and breathable with superior stretch for complete comfort all day long.
The image above shows the sleeve around elbow length but this can be changed. For Jrisi’s troupe each lady sent me their preferred length, some short sleeve, some long. They also sent me their bust, waist and hip measurements as well as a thigh measurement and their height. That way they got the best possible result without being physically in front of me.

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